Pegasus Landing at UCF

Pegasus Landing at UCF


  • Orlando, FL

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This 2,364-bed, 974,003 square foot, renovation project consisting of 32 buildings and 744 total housing units, was started in February of 2011, and is scheduled to complete in August of 2012. The renovation of these 32 buildings was scheduled to start a new building every two weeks and have a maximum of five total buildings under construction at one time. This allowed the facility to maintain 85% occupancy during construction. The scope of the renovation included a complete demolition of the exterior facade of the buildings originally constructed with brick veneer, stucco and cement board siding. Following the demolition of the facade, the existing wood framed structure was inspected by structural engineers who identified areas of the structure that were to be replaced due to water intrusion and termite damage. Through the structural repair phase of the project, over 1/3 of the original structure of each building would be replaced.

Once the structural repair was complete, the buildings were waterproofed with commercial grade weather barrier and tape.  Due to the sensitive nature of the water intrusion in the previous construction, particular emphasis was placed on the inspection of the waterproofing details. All  new windows were installed on the project, and were required to pass a commercial water and pressure test. The new facade was installed with new Hardie siding and cultured stone veneer.

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