Meet with FaverGray at the InterFace Student Housing Conference

2/19/24 FaverGray is excited to be a sponsor of the 16th annual InterFace Student Housing Conference on April 24-26th in Austin, Texas. The student housing industry’s most important event will bring together the leading owners, investors, developers, managers/operators, lenders, architects, contractors, service providers and vendors in the space. The conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with our FaverGray team in person: Schedule a Meeting with our Team. Ben Hinson, Executive Vice President Ben Hinson, an original member of FaverGray dating back to the company’s inception has more than 23 years of experience in the design and construction business.  As Executive Vice President, Hinson is responsible for overall project operations, divisional management and support, business development, preconstruction planning and management, contract negotiations, resource allocation and project-level financial reporting. Chris Thomason, Director of Operations Chris Thomason is an original member of FaverGray dating back to the company’s inception.  Thomason has more than 21 years of design/build and construction management experience in the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors.   As Director of Operations, Thomason is responsible for developing and managing corporate “best practices” for preconstruction services, project planning, scheduling, safety and quality control programs.  Thomason is also responsible for corporate oversight of all divisional field operations and resource allocation to ensure that each project has a successful plan and a complementary staff to achieve corporate performance and financial objectives. John Kitchens, Division Leader John Kitchens joined FaverGray in 2010 and has more than 21 years of construction management and design/build experience. As Division Leader, Kitchens manages divisional operations, project development strategies, preconstruction services, customer relations and oversight of all divisional staff to ensure that each project team meets or exceeds schedule, financial and customer satisfaction objectives. Andrew Herbenick, Project Director Andrew Herbenick has been with FaverGray since 2011. As Project Director, Andrew is responsible for project management staffing, direct financial and project management oversight and support of his staff.

FaverGray Celebrates Delivery of Seminary Lane (Theory Gainesville) 862-Bed Student Housing Community

2/15/24 FaverGray, a leading student housing general contractor, is proud to announce the successful delivery of Seminary Lane (Theory Gainesville), a remarkable 298-unit, 862-bed student housing community near the University of Florida in Gainesville. The project encompasses approximately six acres and consists of four new apartment buildings, varying in height from three to five stories, as well as two parking garages. What sets the project apart is the exceptional array of rooftop amenities, designed to create a truly exceptional living experience for its residents. These amenities include a resort-style swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, an impressive Jumbotron for community events, and inviting courtyard spaces for relaxation and socialization. “We are honored to announce the completion of Seminary Lane,” expressed Ben Hinson, Executive Vice President of FaverGray, emphasizing our commitment to delivering top-tier construction projects tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of developers and owner/operators, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation in the industry. “We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our team in bringing this project to life,” said John Kitchens, Division Leader of FaverGray. “Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have not only ensured the timely delivery of this project but also exemplify our unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of developers and owner/operators, setting a standard of quality and reliability in the construction industry. FaverGray’s commitment to excellence shines through in the timely delivery of every project phase. This achievement underscores FaverGray’s dedication to quality and adherence to project timelines. FaverGray takes pride in bringing this project to Gainesville and experiencing the positive impact it will have on the student housing community. About FaverGray: FaverGray, an award-winning general contractor, focuses on creating exceptional multifamily and student housing communities. With decades of expertise in this niche, we bring a deep understanding of the unique needs and dynamics of these specialized projects.

Employee Spotlight: Lucas Sparrow, Project Manager at FaverGray

2/12/24 In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, we are excited to introduce Lucas Sparrow, our dedicated Project Manager who has been an invaluable member of the FaverGray team. Getting to Know Lucas: A Family Man and Industry Expert Lucas is a proud graduate of UNF and brings a variety of experience, including a decade in the construction industry. Beyond his professional achievements, Lucas is a loving husband to Kaylyn, celebrating almost 10 years of marriage. Together, they are the proud parents of three wonderful children. Finding Joy in the FaverGray Culture When asked about his favorite aspect of working at FaverGray, Lucas is quick to highlight the inclusive atmosphere and the company’s commitment to family involvement in events. This unique approach resonates with Lucas, making his time at FaverGray truly enjoyable. Projects and Accomplishments: The Juliette at Wildwood  Lucas has had the pleasure of contributing his skills to The Juliette at Wildwood project, showcasing his project management expertise.  Defining Success: A Holistic Approach To Lucas, success is more than professional achievements; it’s a blend of maintaining a happy, healthy family and consistently striving to do the right thing in all aspects of life.  Inspirations and Sound Advice Lucas draws inspiration from his wife, Kaylyn, commending her ability to keep everything organized both at home and in her professional life. The best piece of advice he’s received? Always do your best and do the right thing. Hobbies Outside of work, Lucas is a sports enthusiast, enjoying watching and playing various sports such as pool, cornhole, golf, soccer, and bowling.  Cruising to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico Lucas’s love for cruises has taken him to breathtaking destinations. Among his favorites are St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, where he experienced the unique charm of each island. Life’s Essentials: Family First For Lucas, the one thing he can’t live without is his family. Dreaming of a Healing Touch: A Superpower Wish If Lucas could have any superpower, it would be the ability to cure sickness in children. This heartfelt desire reflects his compassion and dedication to the well-being of his own family and others.

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Boyle, Assistant Superintendent at FaverGray

1/15/24 Ryan Boyle’s journey in the construction industry has been a dynamic one. He started in Residential Contraction until 2005 before making the move to Multifamily. Interestingly, he worked with FaverGray from 2006 to 2013, ventured into roles with other general contractors and eventually circled back to his roots for a second stint with FaverGray. Outside of work, Ryan finds joy in spending time with his family, cheering for college football, supporting the Jaguars, and engaging in various outdoor activities that keep his adventurous spirit alive. FaverGray: Where Work Is Fun For Ryan, the joy of working at FaverGray lies in the genuine fun embedded in the workplace culture. He values the strong working relationships he has developed with the entire management team, emphasizing the open communication channels that allow him to approach anyone with any type of issue. Favorite Project: Crossings at Santa Fe Among the numerous projects Ryan has been a part of, the Crossings at Santa Fe holds a special place in his heart. It was the first project he saw through from start to finish, marking a significant milestone in his career. Defining Success: Manifesting Tangible Outcomes Success, according to Ryan, is the result of hard work and focus that leads to tangible outcomes. It’s the fulfillment that comes from a job well done and the ability to look back and appreciate the role played in a successful endeavor. Best Advice: Everything is Fixable A piece of advice that resonates with Ryan is the simple yet powerful notion that everything is fixable. This mindset underscores his approach to challenges, emphasizing solutions over obstacles. Inspiration: A Mother’s Resilience Ryan draws inspiration from his mother, who moved mountains to provide him and his sister with a good childhood during their early years. Her resilience continues to motivate him in both personal and professional aspects of life. Fun and Hobbies: Learning, Exploring, and Reflecting Beyond the construction site, Ryan enjoys reading books, continuing to learn new things, and exploring places like museums, zoos, and aquariums. His hobbies reflect a curious and open-minded approach to life. Memorable Travel Experience: Exploring the East Coast During a two-year project building an apartment complex in southern Maryland, Ryan had the opportunity to explore iconic cities along the East Coast, including Washington DC, Alexandria-VA, Annapolis, Baltimore, NYC, and Philadelphia. His experiences were not just professional but also enriched by the diverse culture and history of each city. Can’t Live Without: Quiet Early Mornings For Ryan, quiet early mornings of self-reflection are indispensable. These moments provide him with the tranquility needed to start his day with clarity and focus. Dream Superpower: Multiplicity for Maximum Efficiency If Ryan could pick a superpower, he would choose the ability to separate into at least three additional versions of himself. This desire for multiplicity reflects his dedication to covering all bases simultaneously and maximizing efficiency in every aspect of his life. At FaverGray, we’re proud to have Ryan Boyle as an integral part of our team, contributing not only to our projects’ success but also to the vibrant and collaborative culture that defines us. His journey, experiences, and mindset truly embody the spirit of excellence and innovation that sets FaverGray apart in the construction industry.  

FaverGray Celebrates 19th Anniversary

1/25/24 Today, we’re filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude as we commemorate a remarkable milestone in our company’s history – FaverGray celebrates 19th anniversary! It’s a momentous occasion that allows us to reflect on our journey the challenges we’ve overcome, and the incredible achievements we’ve made since our humble beginnings. A Journey of Ambition and Growth: When James Gray and Keith Faver founded FaverGray 19 years ago, our primary goal was clear: to make a meaningful impact in the construction industry. We started as a small team with a big dream and a handful of passionate individuals determined to succeed. Our commitment to quality and relentless pursuit of excellence has been the driving force behind our journey of growth. Over the years, we’ve faced numerous challenges, from economic downturns to industry disruptions, but we’ve always emerged stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to navigate the changing landscape. We’ve learned that adaptability is the key to longevity, and our ability to embrace change and transform challenges into opportunities has been instrumental in our success. Our Dedicated Team: Behind every achievement and milestone, there’s a dedicated team of individuals who have poured their talent, creativity, and hard work into making FaverGray what it is today. We owe our success to the remarkable people who have been a part of our journey – our employees, partners, and customers.


1/23/24 FaverGray, a leading multifamily and student housing general contractor, proudly announces the groundbreaking of the Ocala Heath Brook project, a luxurious 288-unit apartment community set to redefine upscale living in Ocala, Florida. Situated on approximately 13 acres, the Ocala Heath Brook project spans 291,896 square feet and will feature seven buildings comprising a thoughtfully designed unit mix, including 87 one-bedroom units, 105 two-bedroom units, and 36 three-bedroom units. This expansive development aims to meet the diverse housing needs of the community. Key features of the Ocala Heath Brook project include a clubhouse, dog park, swimming pool, pool pavilion with two cabanas, maintenance building, and a designated trash/recycling area. The meticulously planned amenities are geared towards fostering a vibrant and inclusive community environment. The architectural vision for the development encompasses four 3-story Type A apartment buildings, three 3-story Type B apartment buildings, one maintenance building, and a clubhouse equipped with a fitness room and clubroom. The resort-style swimming pool is poised to become a focal point of leisure and relaxation for residents. Construction materials will predominantly consist of wood framing, complemented by a brick and fiber cement trim exterior facade. The roofing will showcase architectural style shingles and standing seam metal roofing, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. The buildings’ foundations will feature post-tensioned concrete slab on grade. Internally, the apartments will boast painted drywall walls, textured ceilings, and a mix of carpet, vinyl flooring, and ceramic tile. The traditional southern theme aesthetic will be enhanced by wood cabinetry and trim, complemented by solid surface granite countertops. Each apartment, whether one, two, or three bedrooms, will be equipped with patios, washer and dryer units, stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, and shaker-style cabinets. The site improvements will include water, storm, and sewer utilities seamlessly integrated with existing public utilities. A focus on outdoor spaces will be reflected in resort-style hardscaping, landscaping, irrigation, asphalt paving, concrete sidewalks, and a strategically designed dry retention area. FaverGray is excited to contribute to the growth and enhancement of the Ocala community with the Ocala Heath Brook project. This development represents a commitment to quality, innovation, and creating spaces that enrich the lives of those who call it home.

Promotion Announcement: Andrew Herbenick, Project Director

1/12/24 Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Andrew Herbenick Promoted to Project Director at FaverGray In a momentous milestone for FaverGray, we are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Andrew Herbenick to the position of Project Director. With over 12 years of unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions to the FaverGray team, Andrew’s journey is a testament to his commitment, skill, and the values that define our company. Andrew’s story with FaverGray began in 2011 when he joined as an intern, marking the commencement of a journey marked by passion, resilience, and professional growth. Over the years, he has traversed through various roles, each contributing to his development and the success of the projects he undertook. His ascent from intern to Assistant Project Manager (APM), Project Manager (PM), Senior Project Manager, and now Project Director is a reflection of his dedication and the trust placed in him by FaverGray. Key Responsibilities as Project Director In his new role as Project Director, Andrew will be overseeing project management staffing, providing direct financial and project management oversight, and offering valuable support to his team. This pivotal position showcases not only Andrew’s capability but also the strategic importance he holds within the organization. Educational Background and Expertise Andrew is a proud alumnus of the University of North Florida, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management. His academic background, coupled with hands-on experience, has equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary for the dynamic construction industry. Contributions to Projects Throughout his tenure, Andrew has played a pivotal role in numerous projects that have left an indelible mark on the landscape. Some of the notable projects he has been involved in include The Station at San Marco, Aston Town Center, Aston at Uptown, Flamingo Crossings, Seminary Lane, Park Place Tampa, Haven the BLOC, Haven South, and Stadium Village KSU. These projects stand as a testament to Andrew’s capability to handle diverse and complex assignments. A Leader for the Future As FaverGray looks towards the future, Andrew’s promotion signals not just a personal achievement but a commitment to fostering leadership within the organization. His dedication to excellence, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, positions him as a visionary leader ready to steer FaverGray to new heights. In celebrating Andrew’s success, we also acknowledge the collective efforts of the FaverGray team that has been instrumental in creating an environment where talent thrives. Together, we look forward to achieving new milestones and delivering outstanding results on every project we undertake. Please join us in congratulating Andrew Herbenick on his well-earned promotion to Project Director. We are confident that his leadership will continue to inspire and elevate our team to unparalleled success.

Employee Spotlight: Allen Massey, Superintendent at FaverGray

12/15/23 We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our field team members, Allen Massey, who holds the pivotal role of Project Superintendent. Since rejoining the FaverGray family in 2022, Allen has brought a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to our dynamic team. Meet Allen Allen’s journey into construction began after a commendable service in the United States Army and the Army National Guard. With over two decades of experience in construction trades and carpentry, Allen initially carved his path in building custom residential homes. In July 2019, Allen made a shift into the multifamily world. What Makes FaverGray Special When asked about his experience at FaverGray, Allen expresses a genuine love for what he does. What sets FaverGray apart, in his eyes, is the exceptional family and team atmosphere. Allen points out that looking forward to your boss’s visit is a unique and cherished aspect of the work culture here. Favorite Project: Parkside at East Village Among the various projects Allen has been a part of, one holds a special place in his heart – Parkside at East Village. This project not only marked his initiation into the multifamily sector but also served as his introduction to the FaverGray team.   Defining Success For Allen, success is a journey defined by the ability to persevere from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm until the desired success is achieved.  Best Advice Received “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” This timeless advice has been Allen’s guiding principle, emphasizing the importance of passion in achieving greatness. Inspiration Allen finds inspiration in everyone he surrounds himself with. The diverse and dedicated individuals at FaverGray contribute to his motivation and drive for success. Fun and Hobbies Beyond the construction site, Allen’s favorite pastime involves managing his property for wildlife and indulging in the art of bow hunting.  Best Travel Experience – Home is Where the Heart Is With a lifelong career in the construction industry, the best place Allen has ever traveled is HOME.  Preferred Superpower – Mind Reader Given the chance, Allen would choose the ability to read minds. His humorous take on the choice stems from a desire to understand the motivations behind some of the interesting actions observed in the field.

From Groundbreaking to Completion: FaverGray’s Construction Project Highlights of 2023

12/17/23 As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we take pride in the milestones and accomplishments that have shaped our journey at FaverGray, a leading multifamily and student housing general contractor. Let’s embark on a retrospective tour of the outstanding projects that have transformed blueprints into vibrant communities, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes of Gainesville, Orlando, Jacksonville, Niceville, Panama City Beach, Land O’Lakes, and Altamonte Springs. Student Housing Projects 908 Sweetberries One of our projects Gainesville, 908 Sweetberries, will be a 587-bed luxury student housing community. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant college town, this development for 908 Group includes three residential buildings, two amenity-rich clubhouses, a refreshing pool, and a convenient parking garage.  Seminary Lane In Gainesville, the Seminary Lane project will include 862 beds of student-centric living. From rooftop amenities like a resort-style pool to a fitness center, Jumbotron, and inviting courtyard spaces, we’re building an environment where students can thrive.  UCF Aperture In Orlando, UCF Aperture is taking shape on 8 acres, offering 680 beds to UCF student residents. Strategically located near the vibrant University of Central Florida, this dynamic student housing community is a testament to FaverGray’s commitment to excellence. Multifamily Projects The Enclave at Deer Moss Creek Luxury meets convenience at the Enclave at Deer Moss Creek in Niceville. With 303 units, a lavish clubhouse, resort-style pool, and thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces, this multifamily community is set to redefine living standards. The Station at San Marco Jacksonville welcomes The Station at San Marco, a 345-unit community seamlessly integrating 5,000 SF of ground-level retail space. The sky lounge with a rooftop pool and luxury amenities adds an extra layer of sophistication to this thriving community. The Aston at Town Center At the Saint Johns Town Center, The Aston at Town Center will include 278 luxury apartment units. A 5-story apartment building, a 6-story parking garage, a clubhouse with fitness areas, and a resort-style swimming pool will offer residents a life of indulgence. The Jack on Beach In Jacksonville, The Jack on Beach project spans across a 10.06-acre site. With three 4-story apartment buildings, a 2-story carriage house, and ample amenities, this 295-unit development will be a testament to modern living. The Juliette at Wildwood The Juliette at Wildwood is a multifamily development in Wildwood, Florida, that will offer 288 apartment units across two 4-story apartment buildings, one 3-story residential building, and five 2-story carriage houses. Amenities will include a resort-style pool, clubhouse with fitness room and co-working area, dog park and dog spa, bocce ball court, and more. The Grove at Ocala Nestled on 36 acres, The Grove at Ocala is a 329-unit luxury apartment community offering a retreat-like experience. The luxury community will feature a clubhouse with a pool, two pickleball courts, and two bocce ball courts. The Villas at Suncrest Located in Panama City Beach, The Villas at Suncrest project is a a 108-unit community on a 6.75-acre site. With five 3-story apartment buildings, this development will provide coastal charm and a vibrant community lifestyle. Livano at Sunlake Land O’Lakes witnesses the rise of Livano at Sunlake, a 234-unit project on a 20.19-acre site. The community will feature a 4-story apartment building with superior amenities that will redefine apartment living in the area. The Aston at Uptown The Aston at Uptown project is located in Altamonte Springs on a 3.51-acre site. The community will offer 261 units, a 6-story parking garage, central courtyard, resort-style pool, and a feature-packed clubhouse.


12/1/23 We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the well-deserved promotion of Shane Brown to the role of Project Manager. In just one year, Shane has not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing dedication, leadership, and exceptional skills that have set a new standard for excellence within our team. Shane joined our company last year as an Assistant Project Manager, and from day one, demonstrated a commitment to excellence that was truly commendable. His passion for the industry, coupled with a strong work ethic, quickly caught the attention of his peers and superiors alike. Over the past year, Shane has been an integral part of our team, contributing significantly to the success of The Juliette at Wildwood project. The Juliette at Wildwood is a 288-unit development situated on a sprawling 21.86-acre site in Wildwood, Florida. Shane took on the role of Assistant Project Manager for this project and plays a key role in its progression. The development comprises two impressive 4-story apartment buildings, a 3-story residential building, five 2-story carriage houses, and a 1-story maintenance room/dog spa. Notably, the two 4-story buildings will include 9,865 SF of residential amenities and leasing space on the first floor. Among these amenities will feature a fitness room, clubroom, co-work area, package/parcel room, and a leasing office, all with convenient access to a beautiful pool and courtyard. The development will also include a maintenance/pet wash building, a dog park, a Bocce Ball court, an outdoor water fountain with a pool, scenic trails, and various outdoor amenity areas. Shane has not only managed the complexities of this project, but has demonstrated exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills. His dedication to delivering quality results and his ability to collaborate effectively with various stakeholders have been instrumental in the success of The Juliette at Wildwood. As Shane steps into the role of Project Manager, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We have full confidence in his ability to lead, innovate, and drive success in all future endeavors. The announcement of the upcoming project that Shane will be spearheading as Project Manager is eagerly anticipated. Join us in congratulating Shane on this significant achievement. His journey from Assistant Project Manager to Project Manager is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and the positive impact he has made on our organization. We look forward to witnessing his continued growth and success in this new and exciting chapter of his career. Cheers to Shane and the bright future that lies ahead!


James a. Gray

Gray co-founded FaverGray in 2005 and has more than 45 years of experience in design and construction management in the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors. As CEO, Gray is responsible for leading the development of FaverGray’s short and long term strategy, creating and implementing FaverGray’s vision and mission, maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, evaluating expansion opportunities and industry developments, maintaining social awareness and responsibility within FaverGray’s market sectors, assessing and managing corporate risks and management of banking and surety relationships.