COVID-19 Message

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on Wednesday, March 11, that the spread of COVID-19 has become a pandemic, which refers to the global reach and impact COVID-19 is currently presenting.

Our hearts are with those who have been affected personally by the outbreak as well as the many communities around the world that are experiencing severe measures in the attempt to slow its spread. For 15 years, we have been honored by the trust you place in us to build value and deliver success as your general contractor.

At FaverGray, the safety, health, and well-being of our employees is our top priority. At the time of this letter, our main office and job sites have not experienced any impacts, but FaverGray is taking steps to prepare in the following ways:

Leveraging Technology:
We have the technology in place to make sure our projects are supported and continue to run smoothly. Office employees are working from home and are able to receive emails and phone calls on our regular numbers.

Safety On-Site:
All project personnel have been discussing and implementing appropriate procedures to establish a plan to maintain sanitary conditions. We have reviewed the OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 provided by our safety consultants. We are limiting jobsite visitors and meeting attendees to only essential staff.

We have provided hand washing stations on all projects along with more sanitary toilets that are supplied with hand sanitizer and cleaned frequently. All sites have had a meeting to emphasize the importance of a clean project and sub crew foremen have been advised to monitor their crews and communicate individually to each worker to stay home in the event they are sick or if anyone from their home is sick.

Unfortunately, crews will be smaller in order to work with more social distancing between individuals and help prevent the potential spread of the virus. Our intention is to keep all current and future schedules moving forward and our crews working as long as it is safe to do so.

We understand that our projects count on us to provide a consistent work force, so our schedules are maintained while also providing the safest workplace practices keeping our clients and their jobsites safe. It is a group effort and we will do our best to maintain consistency on schedules in a safe manner for our customers and our men as we move forward.

Restricted Travel:
All unnecessary long-distance travel will be restricted, beginning March 17. We have encouraged our Project Management team to meet via video conferencing.

Personal Responsibility:
Employees in the office are encouraged to apply social distancing and hygiene protocols based on guidance from health authorities and our Global Pandemic Task Force. Each employee must individually commit to keeping themselves safe by keeping their hands clean and away from their face, and cleaning after themselves. We have made a strong emphasis on discouraging employees from coming to work if they feel sick.

Communication is Vital:
We will be consistently communicating with our clients and partners to ensure we are aligned and working together. Our Project Management team is working with our subcontractors to reduce delays. Any clients or partners that may be impacted by delays will be notified, with updates provided in real time.

We realize these are uncertain times as the world navigates this pandemic. We will continue to monitor updates from the CDC and other government agencies closely. We are fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. This is our top priority in order to maintain the business continuity needed to provide a high level of support and service that our clients rely on from FaverGray.



James a. Gray

Gray co-founded FaverGray in 2005 and has more than 45 years of experience in design and construction management in the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors. As CEO, Gray is responsible for leading the development of FaverGray’s short and long term strategy, creating and implementing FaverGray’s vision and mission, maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, evaluating expansion opportunities and industry developments, maintaining social awareness and responsibility within FaverGray’s market sectors, assessing and managing corporate risks and management of banking and surety relationships.