Director’s Vision for This is Hope Town Documentary

Hurricane Dorian’s devastation in the Bahamas is unprecedented, yet the resolve, faith, and strength of the islands’ people are unlike anywhere else in the world. It is this faith that gives us all hope, hope for compassion, aid, relief, and recovery for the islands and its people. It is our duty to come to the aid of our family and friends, those we have lost, and all the islands’ people who have been affected by this once in a century, catastrophic event.

There are very few moments in life when we as individuals have the opportunity to do something larger than ourselves and help. I believe this is what we were ultimately put on this planet to do. When Hurricane Dorian decimated the Bahamas and more specifically the area of Hopetown, it gave us the opportunity to do just that. Our small group of passionate filmmakers have reached these people to tell their incredible stories of loss, grief, love, and compassion and shared their unrelenting faith, will, and perseverance to see the Bahamas rebuilt.

We have focused our efforts in the one place we know that needs us more now than ever – Hope Town. Our team moved delicately and surreptitiously through these harrowing accounts of devastation and loss. In contrast, part of our narrative showcased the herculean efforts, tireless dedication, and round the clock labor of the people who seek to return their home to what it once was. Within the devastation and wreckage are stories that will resonate with our audience.

One such story is that of a close-knit group of surfers who found their paradise here 30 years ago, eating whatever they had in their backpacks which were usually no more than tins of beans they would come to name a local surf spot called Garbanzo Beach. This film will tell the story of this band of brothers as they organize efforts and heed the call to save their beloved beach for generations to come.

Our work here is the rebirth of Hope Town, the Abacos, and the Bahamas. This is not simply a documentarian journey, it is a human journey. One that demonstrates to the world, we all possess the power to affect change, and a human responsibility to assist those in need wherever they may be. This is our time and opportunity to change things for the people of Hope Town. This is our time to show the world what the people of the Abacos and those who are doing everything in their power to help them are truly made of.

The Filmmaking Team
Perhaps one of Wes Brown’s greatest gifts as a filmmaker is his extraordinary capability to appreciate and portray the essence of humanity in a moment. His ability to bring this gift into the essence of a moving and riveting story that transcends the lines of class, gender, or prejudices has made him one of the most respected documentarians of his generation. Together with filmmaker Bobby Pura, they plan on using the same world-class storytelling to tell the riveting story of a small town in the Bahamas and the local community of hard-­‐working and ordinary people who are in desperate need of help.

Watch This is Hope Town and support our mission by visiting the Hope Town Rising website.



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