Employee Spotlight: Orie Ellis, Assistant Project Manager at FaverGray


About Orie:
Meet Orie Ellis, our Assistant Project Manager, who brings a diverse background and a wealth of experience to the FaverGray team. From serving in the Air Force to pursuing education and now thriving in project management, Orie is a dynamic addition to our family.

Journey and Achievements:
Orie is a native of Jacksonville Beach. After serving as a Security Forces Officer in the Air Force, including deployments to Kuwait and El Salvador, he earned his A.A. from FSCJ. Furthering his education, Orie obtained a bachelor’s degree in construction management from the University of North Florida. His journey led him to FaverGray, where he now excels as an Assistant Project Manager, living with his fiancée Bela and their two dogs, Daisy and Tito.

Team Appreciation:
Orie values the collaborative and supportive environment. He expresses gratitude to Beth Rogers and A.Y. Harrison for their unwavering guidance and knowledge, emphasizing the sense of teamwork that defines the company culture.

Passions and Hobbies:
Beyond the construction site, Orie is a devoted Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida State Seminoles fan, watching their games with religious fervor. His love for his two dogs, Daisy (a pitbull) and Tito (a King Charles/Dachshund mix), is evident as he enjoys walks and beach outings with them. A fitness enthusiast, Orie hits the gym to lift weights, and he relishes the serenity of fishing or the thrill of a boat ride.

Favorite Travel Experience:
Reflecting on his travels, Orie highlights Ireland as one of his favorite destinations. The majestic Cliff of Moher and the rich history of castles left an indelible mark on his adventurous spirit.

Can’t Live Without:
For Orie, football season is more than a pastime; it’s a non-negotiable part of life. The excitement of the game, the camaraderie of fans, and the adrenaline of competition make it an indispensable part of his life.

Orie Ellis is more than an Assistant Project Manager; he’s a dedicated professional with a diverse background, a love for his team, and an adventurous spirit that enriches our workplace.



James a. Gray

Gray co-founded FaverGray in 2005 and has more than 45 years of experience in design and construction management in the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors. As CEO, Gray is responsible for leading the development of FaverGray’s short and long term strategy, creating and implementing FaverGray’s vision and mission, maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, evaluating expansion opportunities and industry developments, maintaining social awareness and responsibility within FaverGray’s market sectors, assessing and managing corporate risks and management of banking and surety relationships.