Employee Spotlight: Will Fultz, Superintendent at FaverGray


About Will:
Meet Will Fultz, our Superintendent, a proud Purdue Boilermaker who found his way to Florida for work and, of course, the fishing. Will brings a strong work ethic and a passion for both his role and the great outdoors.

Work and Appreciation:
Will values the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put in place by our executive leadership, Chris Thomason, David Bolt and James Hill. He extends gratitude for the support received from colleagues like Walker Palmer, Lucas Sparrow, Dreau Abbott, and Tyler Mehringer, which has made his transition to the team seamless.

Favorite Project:
Highlighting his career, Will points to the New Indianapolis Airport project as his favorite. A testament to his experience and dedication to impactful work.

Defining Success:
For Will, success is about finding the balance between family and work, excelling in both realms. It’s not just professional accomplishments but the ability to maintain a fulfilling personal life.

Words of Wisdom:
A piece of advice that resonates with Will: “You’ll catch more bees with honey than vinegar.” A reminder of the power of positivity and kindness in all aspects of life.

Inspiration from Family:
Will’s grandmother serves as his inspiration. Rising from humble beginnings, she built a significant rental portfolio in both Indiana and Florida while always prioritizing family.

Fun and Hobbies:
When not immersed in work, Will finds joy in fishing and exploring national parks. His love for the outdoors is reflected in his hobbies.

Best Travel Experience:
The mountains of Montana stand out as the best place Will has ever traveled. Hiking through its scenic beauty left a lasting impression.

Can’t Live Without:
For Will, the outdoors is indispensable. Whether it’s the thrill of fishing or the serenity of hiking, the natural world is an integral part of his life.

Dream Superpower: In a lighthearted twist, Will envisions a unique superpower – the ability to give people brain freeze or jammed toes. A playful touch to his sense of humor and appreciation for the simple joys in life.

Will Fultz is not just a Superintendent; he’s a dedicated professional with a rich background, a love for the outdoors, and a commitment to success both personally and professionally.



James a. Gray

Gray co-founded FaverGray in 2005 and has more than 45 years of experience in design and construction management in the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors. As CEO, Gray is responsible for leading the development of FaverGray’s short and long term strategy, creating and implementing FaverGray’s vision and mission, maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, evaluating expansion opportunities and industry developments, maintaining social awareness and responsibility within FaverGray’s market sectors, assessing and managing corporate risks and management of banking and surety relationships.